Best Afzal hookah flavor

The best Afzal hookah flavor has gained popularity all across the world. This hookah brand delivers premium quality tobacco and non-tobacco products to customers around the globe.

Afzal shisha brings you 100+ renowned flavors that are prepared with natural flavors, molasses, and high-quality Indian tobacco leaves.
To provide high-quality products to their customers, the entire process of manufacturing follows strict international standards.

Afzal hookah tobacco offers numerous strong and long-lasting flavors that will make you fall in love with Afzal hookah flavors.
Among the hundreds of flavors, some of the best options are selected that you will love to choose for your next hookah session.

Top 10 best Afzal hookah flavors: fruit flavors

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1) Double Apple

best Afzal hookah flavors

One of the best Afzal hookah flavors is a double apple, a blend of sweet red and zesty green apples that have a lighter sweet anise taste.

The flavor of red and green apples is combined to create the well-known hookah tobacco flavor known as Double Apple. It is known for its sweet and fruity flavor and is often used as the base flavor in hookah blends.

Among the best Afzal hookah flavors, the Double Apple is a flavor that some people like to smoke on its own, while others combine it with other flavors to make their own special blends.

It is one of the highly demanding and top-selling flavors that is loved by almost every hookah smoker.
Like the other double apple hookah flavors, it makes thick and flavorful smoke.

2) Grapes

best Afzal hookah flavors

One of my favorite flavors from Afzal hookah flavors is grapes. Afzal hookah brand offers you grapes flavors that are made from sweet grapes that give a sweet and fruity taste on exhalation.

Grapes hookah tobacco has a sweet and fruity flavor that some people like on its own, while others want to combine it with various flavors for a more complex smoking experience.

The Azal grape flavor gives a fruity and sweet taste that will increase the enjoyment of your hookah get-together. It is recommended for all kinds of hookah smokers.

3) Cranberry

best Afzal hookah flavors

This refreshing flavor tastes like a mix of tangy and sweet fruity flavors. It can be used in mixing with berries and grapes to achieve more flavorful smoke. Afzal Cranberry is quite a unique flavor as it is sweet on the inhale and somewhat bitter on the exhale.

Combining flavors can be an exciting and pleasurable approach to trying out various flavors and discovering your favorite ones. You can mix the hookah flavor of Afzal cranberry with any flavor from the Afzal fruit range to get a unique and delicious taste.

4) Blueberry

best Afzal hookah flavors

Blueberry Afzal shisha serves up a sweet and simple blueberry flavor that will make you feel excited the whole day. You can smoke it alone or try blending it with other fruit tastes from Afzal hookah flavors to create your own unique hookah flavor. The aroma of Afzal blueberry is almost the same as the aroma of natural blueberries.

If you want to make thick hookah clouds with Afzal blueberry, then go for the right packing density and you will get enough amount of thick hookah smoke. The semi-dense pack method is recommended for making thick milky hookah clouds.

5) Kiwi

best Afzal hookah flavors

Afzal kiwi offers the taste of kiwis in each puff. This exciting flavor is beginner friendly and will give pleasant smoke when inhaled.

In order to create novel flavor combinations, hookah smokers often blend several tobacco flavors. You can blend it with many hookah flavors of the same flavor profile. To get a unique taste mix the Afzal Kiwi with any fruity flavor to create mouthwatering taste combinations.

Every puff of Afzal Kiwi is mesmerizing and full of zesty flavor.

6) Orange

best Afzal hookah flavors

Afzal orange is beginner friendly flavor with a natural juicy note. You may even notice a natural aroma while smoking. You will enjoy the taste of ripe orange in every puff of smoking. A great choice for party fun! so enjoy your next hookah session with the delicious and fruity flavor of Afzal orange shisha flavor.

7) Lychee

best Afzal hookah flavors

Enjoy one of the most demanding flavors from Afzal shisha this time. It offers a light sweet taste with a pleasant long lasting aroma while smoking. It is recommended for all kinds of smokers.

8) Pineapple

best Afzal hookah flavors

The sweet taste of pineapple will make your hookah smoke more exciting and full of flavor. The sweet fruity flavor blended with hookah tobacco can make your hookah memorable.

The right packing of your hookah bowl with Afzal Pineapple flavor can get you thick hookah clouds and a pleasant aroma. Try the Afzal pineapple flavor if you want some light sweet fruity flavor.

9) Grape with Berry

best Afzal hookah flavors

The combination of grapes with sweet berries makes a mouthwatering flavor, giving you the best taste to enjoy with your friends. The sweet-sour taste of grapes makes this flavor unique. Ideal for new and occasional smokers.

The hookah tobacco is infused with grapes and sweet berries giving you a fresh and sweet fruity flavor.

10) Sweet Melon

best Afzal hookah flavors

Afzal sweet melon hookah flavor is the best option for melon lovers, the taste of sweet melon will enrich the hookah smoke with a deliciously sweet flavor that will make you a fan of this flavor. Experience the sweet taste of Afzal sweet melon this evening with your hearty partner.

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