As hookah lovers are always in search to try new flavors in their next hookah session, thus manufacturers are always trying to introduce different flavors to their customers. Different peoples have their own needs and choices of flavors, I have compiled a list of some of the best hookah flavors to help you get the best hookah flavor for your next session.

There are a lot of delicious flavors on the list that you will love to try out this evening with your friends. I often see people new to hookah smoking and want to smoke something beginner friendly like Al Fakhr Mint, while some experienced hookah lovers are always searching for an extra buzz. So, just read the article and let us know in the comments which hookah flavors you like the most.

How to choose the best hookah flavor brand?

The market is flooded with numerous hookah flavor brands and every brand offers different options to their customers. Choosing the best hookah flavor is difficult without proper knowledge about its aroma and taste.
Some of the best hookah flavor brands include Fumari, Al Fakhr, Starbuzz, Tangiers, etc.

If you are new to hookah smoking then try something beginner friendly such as Al Fakhr mint flavor. But, if you are an experienced smoker and want to get some extra buzz then Tangiers cane mint might be the best option for you.

If you want to try something unique and expensive, I suggest the popular brand Fumari which offers many delicious flavors that you will love to choose from.

Top 10 Best hookah flavors

There are a lot of flavors in the hookah market to choose from, so I listed here some best hookah flavors that you would love to taste and smoke every single one of them.

Image Product Details  
Best hookah flavor2 Nakhla double apple Check Price
Best hookah flavor3 Fumari lemon mint Check Price
Best hookah flavor4 Al Fakhr mint flavor Check Price
Best hookah flavor5 Fumari ambrosia Check Price
Best hookah flavor6 Adalya love 66 Check Price
Best hookah flavor7 Al Fakhr double apple Check Price
Best hookah flavor8 Starbuzz blue mist Check Price
Best hookah flavor9 Adalya lady killer Check Price
Best hookah flavor10 Starbuzz pirates cave Check Price

1) Tangiers Cane Mint

Best hookah flavors

In the hookah world, it is one of the most popular hookah brands that is known for its high nicotine content as compared to other tobacco brands.
The flavor, taste, buzz, and clouds all are phenomenal.

This flavor is for mint lovers as it has a strong minty taste and you can experience an ice-cold sensation while smoking. The clouds are not too dense however it is smooth and cool.

Tangiers cane mint is typically not suggested for newbies because it is made of dark-leaf shisha, which has higher nicotine content than regular lines and that’s responsible for a powerful buzz.

If you like to mix this flavor, you can do this job as Tangiers cane mint is perfect to mix with almost any flavor.

2) Nakhla Double Apple

Best hookah flavors

Nakhla is one of the oldest flavors, the only flavor in the nineties that was considered to be the major intercontinental brand name for shisha tobacco for decades. Instead of discussing the history of this flavor, let’s talk about its smell, smoke, taste, etc.

This shisha smells unique that is like anise with a light smell of apple or one can say it is a mix of anise and apple scent.

The taste is very pleasant and tastes like the mix of anise and apple but it is way more anise than apples. This shisha brand offers thick clouds that every smoker loves to make.

3) Fumari Lemon Mint

Best hookah flavors

It is one of the top-selling flavors among the Fumari hookah tobacco flavors. The taste and aroma of this hookah tobacco are great.

Fumari lemon mint is a combination of lemon and mint, however, mint flavor is slightly dominant over lemon.

The smoke is something that every hookah enthusiast loves the most, this shisha tobacco can make thick and milky smoke. 
The smell of this flavor is amazing, you can enjoy a minty aroma in every puff.

4) Al Fakhr Mint Flavor

Best hookah flavors

Mint is thought to be the queen of freshness; it is a naturally cooling and refreshing plant that contains a chemical compound called menthol, the substance that gives mint its distinctive flavor and cooling sensation.
If you are a fan of the minty flavor and smooth clouds then you must try the Al Fakhr mint flavor.

Al Fakhr mint is considered to be the best hookah flavor that goes well in mixing with most flavors. It can create a pleasant combination with any fruit flavor like watermelon and blueberry etc. You will experience natural mint leaf cooling effects during the entire session.

 Al fakhr mint is considered to be one of the most beloved flavors of all time. We know that mint is so versatile and could be mixed with any fruity shisha flavor to add some extra to your hookah session.

5) Fumari Ambrosia

Best hookah flavors

It is one of the top-selling shisha flavors that has an amazing smell,  its pleasant and mesmerizing aroma is the thing that would attract you. It provides the delicious essence of the famous ambrosia salad mixed with melon and juicy orange.

It is perfect for big clouds if you want to make huge clouds, place two coals at the top and you will see some remarkable clouds.
Well, if you ask me, the flavor, aroma, and clouds, are all phenomenal.

6) Adalya Love 66

Best hookah flavors

The most famous flavor from adalya is love 66 which is smoked and loved by lots of shisha smokers all around the world. Adalya brand is manufactured in Turkey and is established in 2003. This flavor is a mix of passion fruit, sweet watermelon, and mint.

As most hookah enthusiast loves to get thick hookah smoke, the Adalya love 66 is among the best hookah flavor that will give you thick hookah clouds. Smoking this flavor, one can feel sweet watermelon and some menthol coolness with milky and thick clouds.

Be careful with heat management as the right heat intensity can make it possible to smoke for hours.

7) Al Fakhr Double Apple

Best hookah flavors

Al fakhr is one of the best brands in shisha flavors that is trusted and loved by a lot of hookah enthusiasts in the world. Al fakhr double apple is also sometimes known as al fakhr two apples.

Like most double apple flavors it tastes like a star anise but here in this flavor sweetness dominates over the anise. The clouds are dependent on packing density but mostly it makes milky and dense clouds if smoke with a tight draw you can make thick clouds.

8) Starbuzz Blue Mist

Best hookah flavors

Starbuzz Blue Mist has gained much name and fame among hookah smokers because the clouds, longevity, taste, and strength are phenomenal.
It has a refreshing, sweet blueberry flavor.

You will taste the combination of the coolness and sweetness of blueberries.
The clouds are smooth and denser but mostly it depends on the packing density of your hookah.

The dense pack or semi-dense pack method is best for making huge clouds. You can mix it with any fruity flavor and could also be smoked alone.

9) Adalya Lady Killer

Best hookah flavors

Adalya is a famous brand for hookah tobacco that delivers quality products to its customers. They provide a wide range of different hookah flavors to choose from. The flavors include many different fruits and mints as well.

This flavor contains sweet melon, mango, and berry tobacco with menthol that gives you thick cool smoke. If you want to mix hookah flavors and want to create a unique flavor, It goes perfectly in the mix with love 66.

10) Starbuzz Pirates Cave

Best hookah flavors

Starbuzz is a brand that is famous for making lots of smoke. From the thick smoke clouds to the robust tastes and longevity, Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave is amazing and delicious.

As you pack and start smoking you can feel a smooth citrus blend of lemon and lime. Pirates cave from starbuzz has a strong sweet aroma that gets you a pleasant smoke session.

If you want to make this shisha more flavorful, use the sprinkle method of bowl packing and use coconut shell charcoal.
It can also be mixed with different shishas to create a unique recipe.

Top 5 best Tobacco-free Hookah Flavors

Best hookah flavor

If someone wants to try non-tobacco or nicotine-free herbal shisha flavors, here I am sharing some herbal flavors that you will love to choose for your next hookah session.
The herbal flavors are made up of natural ingredients and contain no nicotine or tobacco. The ingredients, of which the herbal flavor is composed, are listed below;

⦁ Honey
⦁ Glycerin
⦁ Flavoring juices
⦁ Sugar cane-based molasses

# 1 Hempookah Mint

Best hookah flavor

The first and only hemp-based shisha in the world is called Hempookah. Being tobacco-free it is made from different ingredients than normal flavored tobacco like glycerin, honey, molasses, sugar cane, tea leaves, and flavoring juices.
It is made with the highest-quality ingredients and non-GMO hemp. Perfectly mixed to provide a thrilling experience for hookah lovers.

# 2 Fantasia Herbal Shisha flavors (Ice Mint)

Best hookah flavor

The fantasia herbal shisha flavors contain the finest ingredients that give you quality flavor and thick hookah clouds. It is not made with hookah tobacco and is 100% nicotine-free, it contains tobacco-free sugarcane-based molasses.
I prefer sugarcane-based molasses over tobacco as it burns longer, tastes better, and most important no headache at the end.
If you are a cloud lover and want to make thick flavorful smoke then this product could be the best option for you.

# 3 Beamer Herbal Hookah Molasses Watermelon

Best hookah flavor

If you are searching for something tobacco or nicotine-free to smoke then beamer herbal shisha molasses watermelon is there for you.
This product is herbal and 100% nicotine and tar-free, smoke-like tobacco, and gives amazing clouds. It is a perfect blend of watermelon flavor and herbal molasses that gives a pleasant smell and taste during your entire hookah session.

4 UrthTree Strawberry hookah tobacco-free molasses

Best hookah flavor

It is full of flavor that tastes like sweet ripe strawberries which adds a pleasant sensation to your hookah session.
It is also a tobacco-free flavor, therefore it is considered to be a healthier option as compared to shisha tobacco flavors. It resembles the taste of tobacco-flavored options, however, are herbal flavors. The taste is so good and makes smooth milky clouds.

# 5 UrthTree Orange Mint

This flavor is truly for orange lovers, you’ll want more of this flavor because it is
sweet, citrusy, and strong.
It is made of all-natural ingredients and could be the perfect alternative for tobacco hookah enthusiasts.
This natural flavoring blend will provide you with enough juice to have a long-lasting session with smooth and thick clouds.


Almost every hookah enthusiast has their own set of preferences, some want cool and refreshing hookah flavors, and some want to try sweet delicious flavors like Nakhla double apple. Being a fan of thick hookah clouds I like Starrbuzz Blue Mist. If you want to make thick milky clouds you might go for the Starrbuzz Blue Mist. The perfect packing of your hookah bowl with Starrbuzz Blue Mist can make thick hookah clouds.

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