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Most newbies found the idea daunting of how to make hookah smoking better a breathtaking experience. In this blog post, you will learn some helpful hookah flavor tips to make shisha more flavorful, get thick hookah clouds, and prolong your hookah session.

1 ) Proper shisha storage

Improper storage of shisha can spoil the taste and nature of your shisha. Good-quality shisha does not have an expiration date but if properly stored. It can sit for months and still produce high-quality smoke.

The most important thing to remember is that exposure to light, heat, and air will almost always accelerate the degradation of your shisha.
For better results always keep your shisha in an air-tight container at room temperature and away from light.

2 ) Go for the right shisha-packing technique 

There are different shisha packing techniques including fluff or light pack, semi-dense pack, and dense pack method, each packing technique behaves differently to hookah flavors.

The light packing method allows more airflow across the shisha, and tobacco burns quickly that resulting in shorter hookah sessions. To achieve light packing or fluff packing, sprinkle a little amount of tobacco and avoid pressing the tobacco into the bowl.

Semi-dense pack contains slightly more hookah tobacco compared to the fluff pack method. The best way to describe this in words is spongy. This method gives relatively longer sessions than the fluff pack method.

The dense pack method provides fewer air pockets that differ from the semi-dense pack method. Many pro hookah lovers like to go for this method, to achieve longer hookah sessions and a strong buzz.

how to make shisha more flavorful

3) Use ice cubes for a smooth smoke

Most smokers add ice cubes to the hookah base to get more flavorful smoke. Ice melts and thus cools down the temperature which enables you to make some huge clouds and gives fresh smoke during the entire hookah session.

how to make shisha more flavorful

4) Use a heat management device 

A heat management system allows smokers to regulate the heat output of charcoal and optimize their hookah session.

The device distributes heat to shisha evenly and provides control over the heat transfer from charcoal to shisha.

The more heat transfer could burn the shisha tobacco resulting in harsh and hot smoke and unpleasant flavor throughout the session. A heat management device is also known as “kaloud lotus” replaces your hookah foil and allows for an even amount of heat transfer to the shisha tobacco.

5) Try natural coals

If you are using quick light charcoal for hookah smoking, you need to know that it contains some chemical accelerant that enables you to light the charcoal with a simple match stick in under a minute. As quick light charcoal is coated with the chemical for quick lighting, it may add an unwanted taste to your smoke.

On the contrary, natural hookah charcoals, mostly made of coconut shells take a few minutes to ignite before smoking shisha tobacco. Despite the fact they are organic and contain no chemical flammable agents, coconut charcoals have become the standard for many hookah lovers because they last longer and produce smooth smoke during a hookah session.

hookah flavor tips

6) Light the charcoal to red hot

Light up 3 – 4 hookah charcoal using an electric burner and wait until they are red hot. Take small consistent puffs until the tobacco begins to burn.

Throughout your smoking session, slowly move the charcoals to the center of the bowl. This will burn the tobacco evenly and will prevent the smoke from getting harsh.

Always use coconut shell charcoal for hookah as it needs a few minutes to ignite, burns hotter and longer, has low ash residues, and burning time of 3 + hours.

hookah flavor tips

7) Use vortex or phunnel bowl

Shisha is composed of different liquids like glycerin, honey, and molasses, these liquids may drip into the hookah base. Some common hookah bowls often allow flavorings and juices to leak out of your bowl, influencing the longevity of the hookah session and the taste of your shisha.

The unique shape of the vortex and phunnel bowl provides enough space to hold juicy and wet shisha as compared to other bowls. It helps to prevent the dripping down of the flavored juices.  

8) Change the position of coals 

Whenever hookah tobacco comes in close contact with red hot charcoal, the high temperature could denature the tobacco resulting in harsh smoke. So, if you want to make shisha flavorful, avoid exposing shisha to burning charcoal.

It is suggested to change the position of the charcoal at regular intervals of 5 – 10 minutes. Changing the position of charcoal regularly exposes different areas of your shisha to heat, producing more flavorful smoke and helping to get longer hookah sessions.

9) Clean hookah

You can use ice cubes, and natural coals, or try a heat management device with the utmost care, but if you let your tobacco bits and shisha juice marinate in your hookah for days, you may spoil your hookah session.

Cleaning a hookah eliminates tobacco leftover, dirt, and dust, resulting in fresh and flavored smoke. Wash the hose, stem, and bowl gently with the help of thin brushes that are designed for this job.
 If you don’t clean your hookah between uses, the burnt tobacco will cause a sour taste in your flavor while smoking.

10) Try a double layer of aluminum foil

Using a double layer of aluminum foil for your bowl increases the space between the coal and hookah tobacco which ultimately results in better smoke and increases the longevity of the hookah session. If you are using a double layer of foil instead of one, the shisha won’t burn as faster as usual, and you will make your hookah flavor more delicious.

Try to use the heavy-duty foil that is relatively thicker than some of the lower-quality foils. The heavy-duty foil prevents your favorite shisha from burning, as it creates a thicker barrier between tobacco and coal.

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