How to get thick hookah clouds

  The thick hookah clouds are loved by almost all hookah lovers and most people are fascinated by the huge clouds that are produced through the hookah. The question is, How to get thick hookah clouds?

Knowing the answer to how to get thick hookah clouds is more of a science with a lot of factors involved. Thick clouds of smoke produced through the hookahs are one of the primary reasons why so many people like smoking shisha. 
If you love thick hookah clouds and want to get thick hookah clouds, this blog post is for you.

6 helpful ways, How to get thick hookah clouds 

Whether a newbie or an experienced smoker, almost every hookah enthusiast loves to make some smooth, milky, and huge clouds. There are different factors involved to guarantee that thick smoke.

The use of quality shisha tobacco, shisha packing technique, size and shape of the bowl, heat management, and charcoals can influence the process of making thick hookah clouds.   
Let’s dive in, to explore the science behind how to get thick hookah clouds.

how to make shisha more flavorful


Pour enough water into the hookah base then add ice cubes to cool the water temperature.

When air cools in the presence of ice cubes, it tends to condense which will enable you to inhale more smoke inside the body.

The body will warm the vapors, causing them to expand. Adding ice will get you thick hookah clouds.

2) Use quality material

The higher the quality of your materials, the higher your chances of getting more clouds and more taste. Always use a high-caliber hookah pipe and a quality clay bowl.
Making smoke thicker is only possible when you have an ideal and quality setup. The entire hookah parts, charcoals, and quality shisha tobacco are integrals to the whole process of making thick clouds.

3) Check your connections

Make sure all the connection points of your hookah are airtight. Check the hose, bowl, and base, blow into your hose to clear some smoke, and keep an eye on your seals to check if no smoke leaks out. 

Ensuring all the connections is sealed is a core step to getting some bigger clouds because your shisha tobacco will not be properly heated if one or more of your connecting hookah parts has air leaks.  

how to make shisha more flavorful


As compared to the aluminum foil the heat management device is more efficient and effective to get fun clouds with hookah.

You won’t get enough smoke if you use too much heat as it can burn shisha tobacco. Low heat will not extract the flavor, that’s why you need a heat management device.

A heat management device is designed to control heat transfer from charcoal to shisha and thus enables you to control the heat. You’ll be exhaling thicker smoke as a result of the improved heat management. 

5) Packing Density

 You need to know the proper packing density of shisha tobacco in your hookah. If you know the right packing density, you are pretty much closer to getting denser and milky smoke. 
There are different kinds of packing density like fluff pack, normal pack, semi-dense pack, and dense pack method. Most people use the dense pack method to get big clouds with hookah but my own choice is semi-dense packing.
To achieve a semi-dense pack, push down the shisha tobacco slowly using a shisha fork, this will create little air pockets which will increase the flow of heat through the bowl.     

How to get thick hookah clouds


  The hookah diffuser act as a membrane that is used to divide the airflow from one large to several small bubbles, this will help to get smooth smoke and reduce the rumbling sound of hookah.

You can boost smoke production by using a hookah diffuser as it increases the airflow.
Attaching this little device to your hookah promotes the production of thick milky clouds during the entire hookah session.

It is placed at the bottom of the hookah tube that is immersed in water level.
If you are a fan of thick hookah smoke, try a hookah diffuser this time and you will notice a far better experience.


All the aforementioned tips and tricks could be the possible answers to how to get thick hookah clouds. Try all techniques until you find the right fit that works best for making thick hookah smoke.
If you are chasing those thick hookah clouds, use natural coconut-shelled charcoal, as they relatively offer longer sessions and more heat transfer.

The amount of glycerin in shisha can also influence the process of blowing big clouds, the larger amount of glycerin in your shisha the larger the clouds, but don’t overdo it if you are smoking for the first time.


What does putting ice in a hookah do?

Adding ice to the hookah will cool down the water temperature which will cool down the smoke and give it a fresher taste. Some hookah smokers claim that it can help to make hookah smoke thicker.

How much water should be in a hookah?

When you add water to your hookah base, you should make sure that the down stem bottom is submerged in the water to a depth of 1-2″. This is the perfect volume of water to filter as much as possible. 

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