How to light natural hookah coals


The natural hookah coals are made of compressed sawdust from bamboo, coconut shells, or other woody materials. Natural hookah coals are burned without any chemicals, so they are considered to be a safer option when smoking hookah.

How to light natural hookah coals, all you need is to place the natural hookah coals on the electric burner and turn the switch on and wait until the coals turned into red hot. You will need a charcoal heater or an electric stove.

If you want to make hookah last longer or want to make shisha more flavorful, always use natural coconut-shelled charcoal to make shisha more flavorful and long long-lasting hookah session.

Method 1: Using a Charcoal Heater

If you are using a charcoal heater, place the natural hookah coal on the wire mesh. Then, light the coal with a lighter or match. Allow the coal to heat up for about five minutes. Once the coal is heated, it will turn red.
Make sure the hookah charcoal turns completely red hot before placing it into the hookah bowl.

Method 2: Using an Electric Stove

If you are using an electric stove, place the natural hookah coal on the burner. Set the stove to low heat and allow the coal to heat up for about five minutes. Once the coal is heated, it will turn red.

Tips about how to light natural hookah coals?

-It is important to make sure that the natural hookah coal is completely heated before you start smoking. If the coal is not completely heated, it will not produce enough smoke.
-If you are using a charcoal heater, you may need to light more than one coal at a time.
-If you are using an electric stove, you may need to adjust the heat setting depending on how hot your stove gets.

How long do hookah coals take to light??

How long hookah coals take to light can vary depending on a few factors. The type of charcoal you’re using, the method of lighting, and the amount of airflow are all important considerations.

Type of charcoal

There are two main types of hookah charcoal – natural lump charcoal usually coconut-shelled charcoal and quick-lighting briquettes. Natural lump charcoal is made from hardwood that has been charred in a kiln. This type of charcoal burns hot and clean but can be difficult to light.

Quick-lighting briquettes are made from sawdust or other materials that have been compressed and infused with flammable material. These briquettes light easily but don’t burn as hot or clean as natural lump charcoal.

Method of lighting

The two most common methods of lighting hookah charcoal are with a stovetop burner or with self-lighting charcoal. Stovetop burners provide an even heat that helps natural lump charcoal to light quickly and evenly. Self-lighting charcoal is infused with flammable material, making it easy to light but not as hot or clean burning as natural lump charcoal.

Amount of airflow

The amount of airflow plays a big role in how long it takes hookah coals to light. If you’re using a stovetop burner, make sure the vents are open so that air can circulate and help the coals to light more quickly. If you’re using self-lighting charcoal, you’ll need to light it in a well-ventilated area so that the flammable material has plenty of oxygen to help it burn.

How to use hookah coals?

Now that you know how to light natural hookah coals, you are ready to start smoking! Place the coal on top of the tobacco in your hookah bowl. Make sure that the tobacco is evenly distributed so that it will smoke evenly. Once your hookah bowl is properly packed then wrap up the tobacco with double sheets of aluminum foil. Make about 30 – 40 holes in the foil with the help of a simple fork.

How many coals are suitable for a hookah session?

It is typically recommended to use two coals for a hookah session. However, you may need to use more or less depending on the size of your hookah bowl and the type of tobacco you are using.
It also depends on the kind of tobacco packing method you are using. If you’re using the dense pack, then you might want to use 3 coals.
Make sure not to overheat your tobacco as it will make the taste of your flavored tobacco hot and harsh.


-Be careful when handling lighted coals.
-Do not leave lighted coals unattended.
-Keep lighted coals away from children and pets.


Now that you know how to light natural hookah coals, you are ready to enjoy a delicious and smooth hookah smoke! Be sure to experiment with different heat settings and coal placements to find the perfect combination for your smoking session.

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