How to make an orange shisha head

Everyone enjoys the variety of shisha tobacco flavors available for hookah smoking but the idea of smoking shisha tobacco out of a piece of fruit is just amazing, as it makes sense that smoking from the real part of the fruit can add some extra fruity flavors to your shisha. In this blog post, I will teach you how to make an orange shisha head for your next hookah session.
Hookah fruit heads or fruit bowls are made by cutting a piece of fruit into the shape of a hookah bowl, stuffing it with shisha tobacco, and attaching it to your hookah stem in place of the original bowl.
Tools you need.,

  • Kitchen knife
  • Teaspoon
  • Toothpicks 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Apple corer

Here are some steps to make an orange shisha head for hookah.

1) Cut orange from the top


Always choose the largest and round orange from the grocery shop to make a fruit bowl. Cut orange from the top in such a way that it fits the heat management device properly. To keep the size sufficient of your bowl, don’t cut off too much. Please don’t cut the orange deep otherwise, you will not be able to make a hole in the center of the orange, and your heat management device may fall right into it.
Be careful when using a knife.

2) Coring your orange

Next, grab an apple corer and make a hole through the orange to create a connection for the hookah stem. To fit your hookah stem and to get a solid connection with the stem, the hole should be of the right diameter. You can use an apple corer or kitchen knife but be careful while using a knife.

3) Remove flesh

After cutting your orange, gently remove some flash from your orange. You need some space there for your shisha, so scoop out some flesh according to your own choice of using shisha tobacco. Scoop out in such a way that it looks like a phunel-style bowl.
As long as there is space for your shisha, leave some amount of flesh around the walls, this will get you some fruity flavor while smoking shisha.  

4) Pack the fruit bowl 


Don’t over-pack it, when you are trying to make an orange shisha head. Semi dense pack method or fluffy pack method is advised to ensure proper airflow through the orange shisha head.
Finally, wrap up the fruit bowl with aluminum foil and make holes using hookah pork. You can also use the heat management device for a better experience.

5) Place the fruit bowl onto the hookah stem


To make an orange shisha head than place your fruit bowl onto the hookah stem and make sure to have a solid attachment to the stem. Place and rotate the fruit bowl until your fruit bowl is properly seated to create a perfect seal.
As less amount of tobacco is used in making orange shisha head, therefore, don’t use more than three coals, it can burn the tobacco and you will have a burnt flavor.
You can use natural coconut-shelled charcoal to have a better hookah smoking experience, as it is organic and have no flammable chemical accelerant.


Can you put fresh fruit in the hookah?

Any citrus fruit can be used to create a flavorful hookah bowl! Try strawberries, kiwis, or grapefruit; they’re all fantastic! – For extra taste and texture, combine your favorite flavors and sprinkle them on top of an orange peel.

What to put in the hookah base?

Different liquids can be added to shisha water to get more fun. Some liquids that could be added to hookah are discussed.
Water: The most widely applied and well-known liquid for your hookah base is water which helps to cool the smoke.
Fruit juice: Giving your hookah a fruity kick.
Coffee: For people who enjoy caffeine boost.
First, make a base using toothpicks inside the fruit bowl so that tobacco doesn’t fall into the hookah itself. After making the base for the tobacco sprinkle shisha tobacco inside the fruit bowl and position it evenly.

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