How to make shisha last longer

There are millions of smokers around the globe and almost every hookah smoker wants to make shisha last longer. This one question stuck in the mind of every hookah enthusiast,” how to make my hookah session last longer?”.

The answer to these questions is debatable, as it depends upon several factors that can affect the length of a hookah session. The length of a hookah session may vary but the average session lasts for about 45 – 60 minutes.

Key factors involved to make hookah last longer

This blog post will shed light on the factors that are involved in making prolonged hookah sessions. There are some tips and tricks that enhance the taste of shisha and will run your session for a longer period.
 They are listed below.

  • Right bowl selection
  • Use a heat management device
  • Right shisha packing technique
  • Use quality shisha tobacco
  • Change the position of coal at regular intervals
  • Use of coconut-shelled charcoal

1) Right bowl selection 

Hookah bowls are available in different sizes and shapes in the market, different kinds of bowls can influence your hookah session in different manners, so the right selection of bowls can determine the longevity of the hookah session.

The size, shape, and volume of the bowl also play a massive role, the bowl that holds less shisha tobacco would run for a shorter period while the bowl of relatively bigger volume will smoke for a longer period.

A unique shape of a kaya deep clay funnel offers enough space to hold juicy and wet shisha as compared to other bowls. Moreover, its unique lip and funnel are situated in the very center of the bowl and are raised in such a way that it prevents unwanted dripping down of the juices in the bowl and towards the base. The flavorful juice remains there in the bowl resulting in thick hookah clouds and flavorful smoke for a long time.

The phunnel and vortex are almost of the same design with slight modifications. Thus; we’ll be discussing both bowls simultaneously. You can also go for Phunnel or Vortex bowl to get a longer hookah session and dense clouds, as it is designed in such a way as to hold maximum juice inside the bowl and not allow it to drip down.

2) Use a heat management device

how to make shisha more flavorful

Heat management devices are popular among hookah fans because they enable even heat distribution and allow you to make hookah last longer.

Heat management is required for smooth and tasty hookah smoke since the more heat transferred, the more risks of burning tobacco used in shisha.

It performs an excellent job of protecting your shisha from burning while also making coal management much easier enabling longer hookah sessions.

3) Right shisha packing technique 

There are different shisha packing techniques like fluff, semi-dense, and dense pack method, it plays a crucial role in the longevity of the session. If you want to have a short hookah session the fluff shisha packing could be the best option for you, while a dense pack can make your shisha last longer

The dense packing method provides you with enough shisha to smoke it for a more extended period. However, the tightly packed shisha needs proper airflow and even heat distribution so that the lower layer of shisha may not remain uncooked during the hookah session.

4) Always use quality shisha tobacco to make hookah last longer

Shisha tobacco consists of different liquids like honey, glycerin, and molasses that make shisha tobacco more flavorful, produce thick clouds, and provide smooth smoke for a long time.

Using quality shisha tobacco results in a longer combustion time for the tobacco and simply extends the duration of your hookah sessions.

5) Change the position of coal at regular intervals

When smoking, keep your shisha away from burning charcoal. When tobacco comes into contact with charcoal, it is denatured and loses its flavor.
If you pile a lot of charcoal on top of a bowl, there will almost certainly be an excessive amount of heat over the shisha. Whereas the clouds are gorgeous for a short time, the flavor tends to burn quickly as a result of the shisha being cooked too quickly.

It is advised to rotate the position of coals at 5 – 10 minute intervals. This exposes different areas of your flavored tobacco to heat, resulting in a stronger, more satisfying flavor and longer sessions.

6) Quick light charcoal vs Coconut charcoal

The type of charcoal you use, whether natural or quick light will have a significant impact on the length of your hookah session. Let us conduct a comparative study between them.
Quick light charcoal also known as fast light charcoal is hookah charcoal that contains a chemical accelerant that allows hookah smokers to light the charcoal tablets with a simple match stick or lighter.

It lights up quickly due to a flammable agent that makes it easier and faster to burn the charcoal in under a minute. It is available in 33mm and 40 mm diameters that allow hookah smokers to customize the heat level and longevity.

Coconut charcoal is created by first carbonizing coconut shells in a limited supply of oxygen. It is then crushed into powder form and mixed with adhesive to create various shapes and sizes of charcoal briquettes.

Natural mostly coconut-shelled hookah charcoals need a few minutes to ignite for smoking shisha tobacco. Although these are organic and didn’t contain any chemical flammable agent that is why coconut charcoals have become the standard for many hookah enthusiasts because they last longer and thus make hookah last longer. The use of coconut-shelled charcoal produces a clean smoke that does not interfere with the shisha flavors.


Personal preference is key, many people like a super long session and want to make hookah last longer whereas some prefer to have a quick session. However, if you want to make hookah last longer, the use of heat management devices like Kaloud Lotus, vortex or phunnel bowl, organic charcoal, and quality shisha tobacco like Azure Black or Tangiers will increase hookah time.

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