Make Hookah Flavors

Making your things at home is usually a great idea. If you are interested to prepare your own shisha flavor at home, but find the idea daunting, then this blog post is for you.
You can easily make homemade hookah flavors by mixing tobacco, honey or molasses, glycerin and flavorings, and fruit such as strawberries, apples, mint, etc. 

Make shisha flavor at home

You will need the following ingredients, to make hookah flavors at home.
Tobacco leaves

You can make shisha flavor at home, by mixing tobacco leaves with flavorings, glycerin, honey, molasses, and fruits like pomegranate, strawberry, apple, etc.

1) Preparing Tobacco Leaves

How To Make Hookah Flavors

To make shisha flavor at home the first thing you need to do is to soak the dried tobacco to rehydrate it well.
Soaking makes tobacco leaves pliable and will remove some amount of nicotine content.

The longer you soak the leaves, the fewer tobacco flavors you’ll get in the final product, this allows you to taste more of the flavor that you want to make, and also more nicotine will be taken out.

2) Strip out the stem and chop the leaves

After you’ve soaked the tobacco to your liking, strain it to remove the water. To avoid harshness, excessive nicotine concentration, and undesirable flavors, strips out all the stems. After you’ve removed the stem, squeeze the tobacco together, and cut it up with a sharp knife.

3) Add honey or Molasses

make shisha flavor

In this step, add the honey or molasses to the chopped leaves and mix them well. The standard ratio for tobacco and honey/molasses is mostly 3 to 1. However, it depends upon your own choice.

To get optimum consistency, add one gram of honey or molasses for every three grams of dried tobacco. You can add a little bit of water to the mixture so it’s easier to mix.

4) Add glycerin

Glycerin is a compound that is derived from vegetables like palm oils, soy, and coconuts. It is an odorless chemical compound widely used as an additive in cosmetics, medicines, and the food industry.

Glycerin is also used as a sweetener in different food products, it not only sweetens your hookah tobacco but could also make thick hookah clouds.

Add glycerin to the chopped leaves of tobacco to make shisha more flavorful as it acts as a humectant. A humectant is a substance that retains the moisture level of your shisha tobacco and makes it wet for a long time.

5) Bake the tobacco

To take it a step further, bake the tobacco before adding the flavorings to help the glycerin and honey/ molasses seep into the leaves.
If you like, you can also purchase extra flavorings to add to your hookah to make it more tasty and flavorful.

Add additional flavorings only after baking the shisha. Mix the ingredients properly until your mixture gets the right consistency.

6) Keep the shisha overnight

Next, to make the shisha flavor more delicious, keep the shisha for a night in an airtight container and let the shisha properly marinate.

Overnight storing of shisha helps the ingredients to completely mix and blend together.
The next day, if the consistency seems right, get some fun friends, load up a bowl, and enjoy.


Mint leaves contain a phytochemical known as menthol that gives cooling sensation, and provides a refreshing taste that can make the mouth feel cool and clean.
The required ingredients are listed below

  • Dried mint
  • Loose tobacco
  • Honey/molasses
  • Glycerin

First, you need to wash mint leaves carefully and then dry, shed drying is recommended. Mix the dried mint with loose tobacco, and add honey or molasses and glycerin. Mix all the ingredients properly to get the homogeneity of the mixture. Cover and let marinate overnight.
Next day if the consistency seems right then load up a bowl and enjoy.

Cutting the fruit into the shape of a hookah bowl, stuffing it with shisha tobacco, and attaching it to your hookah stem in place of the original bowl is how you make hookah fruit heads or fruit bowls. 
The following steps are involved to make fruit shisha 

  • Cut orange from the top
  • Remove flesh 
  • Core the orange
  • Dry inside of the apple
  • Pack the fruit bowl
  • Fit the fruit bowl to the hookah pipe

Yes, If you want to smoke hookah without harshness then trying smoking a fruit bowl is the best option for you. You can use different fruits for making fruit bowls but pineapple and orange are best for this job.

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