how to make shisha more flavorful

Sometimes the tastes of shisha flavors become harsh or burned during a hookah session if so, in this blog post I will share some tips and tricks to make shisha more flavorful and refreshing this time.
You need to know that shisha is typically flavored with different ingredients like fruit, herbs, honey or molasses, and artificial flavorings. The right combination of all these ingredients can make hookah smoke more flavorful and tasty.

Some tips and tricks to make shisha more flavorful

If you want to make shisha more flavorful and make it last longer, try the following tricks this time and enhance the taste of your hookah flavor.

Use a heat management device

Add ice to the hookah base

Use Right Packing Density

Use quality tobacco

Wash and clean hookah

Change the position of coal

1) Use a heat management device

Many hookah enthusiasts love to use heat management devices as they provide even heat distribution and give you longer hookah sessions. Heat management for smooth and flavorful hookah smoke is necessary because if more heat is transferred the more chances to burn shisha tobacco, which could result in a burnt and harsh flavor.  

how to make shisha more flavorful

2) Add ice to the hookah base 

Add some ice cubes to the vase, If you want to get fresh and cold smoke – ice melts and thus keeps the temperature cold to give a flavorful taste to your hookah smoke.

The right level of water in a hookah base is also necessary to make shisha more flavorful and enjoyable. Add enough water to submerge the down stem by up to an inch.

3) Use Right Packing Density

The right packing density of shisha tobacco in your hookah could help you get more fresh and flavorful smoke. The dense pack method will eventually lead to an unpleasant flavor cause the top layer of shisha will be burnt more quickly as compared to the lower layer.
The limited airflow to the bottom of the bowl couldn’t extract enough flavor from the shisha, it could result in flavorless smoke. Semi-dense pack or fluffy pack method is good to get more flavor out of it but excessive heat can also burn the fluff-packed tobacco so keep in mind the right heat management can make hookah smoke flavorful.

4) Use quality tobacco

As we all know shisha tobacco is a main ingredient of hookah, it is suggested to use dry and quality tobacco, if you want to get a more zesty flavor to your hookah smoke. If you are left with some tobacco and you want to keep it for the next hookah session, it is advised to seal the tobacco in an airtight bag to preserve its essence and freshness.

5) Clean hookah

how to make shisha more flavorful

Cleaning hookah is a key step to getting fresh flavor and making more flavorful smoke. Cleanliness means there is no dirt, no dust, no stains, and no bad smell.

Clean hookah after every session, if you don’t clean hookah regularly the burnt tobacco will cause a sour taste to your flavor.

Wash and clean the bowl, hose, stem, and bottle using thin brushes specially designed for this job. 

6) Change the position of coal

how to make shisha more flavorful

When smoking, avoid exposing your shisha to burning charcoal. Tobacco is denatured and loses its flavor when it comes in close contact with charcoal.

If this occurs, you’ll notice a burnt taste and harsh smoke. Therefore change the position of the charcoals at regular intervals of 5 to 10 minutes.

This exposes different areas of your flavored tobacco to heat, which will aid in producing a stronger, more satisfying flavor and will help to get longer sessions.

Keep in mind, always use natural coconut-shelled charcoal to get delicious and flavorful smoke. The coconut-shelled charcoal doesn’t interfere with the hookah flavor as it has no chemical flaming accelerant. The quick light charcoal could make the smoke unpleasant as it contains chemical accelerants that ignite the charcoal quickly.


All the aforementioned tips are helpful to get more flavorful and fresh smoke. If you want to make shisha more flavorful, don’t keep the tobacco too close to coal, clean and wash hookah, change the hose, use the appropriate amount of tobacco, keeping it up all organic with natural coal.   


Heat management is the key to get maximum flavor from shisha tobacco. If the charcoal burns fast then there will be more tobacco left unused after a while this will become tasteless. To avoid such conditions constantly change the position of coals on the surface of your hookah bowl and make sure to clean hookah parts regularly.

Yes, shisha tobacco smoke contains nicotine which is an addictive substance.
People who smoke shisha regularly could have nicotine addiction means they may find it hard to stop shisha smoking.

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